Silent Fear

I don’t really like you;

I’m just head over heels in love.

You wouldn’t really break my heart if you leave;

It would just probably blow up.


I’m not scared of losing you;

I’m just extremely terrified.

I wouldn’t cry my eyes out for days;

I’d just probably lose my mind.


I wouldn’t really miss you;

I probably just wouldn’t get over.

I wouldn’t need weeks to move on;

It would probably just take forever.


But if you really have to leave,

Don’t you ever worry.

It would truly be devastating

But not as much as knowing you’re unhappy.


So if that time comes,

I’d gladly let you go.

I’d probably just tell you,

“Go ahead and find your joy.”


And if it never does,

I’d fall to my knees again and again.

I’d cherish every moment

And love you ’til the end.

30 Wishes

I wish you the all the usuals –
The perfect health, many more years
For more loving moments with your man
A stronger bond with your cool kid
And while we’re at it, I wish for another quirky one to come
I wish for more love in your extended family

I wish that you get to all beautiful places you can’t even imagine
For more walks in the forest and lovely strolls by the beach
For you to try more exquisite cuisines and food trips by the street
I wish that you enjoy the wildest adventures and capture the most stunning pics
For you to revel in the most varied cultures and meet the weirdest of this species
I wish that you get to find some as treasured friends for keeps

I wish you more exciting political discussions
For more debates about even the most mundane things
I wish you more meaningful conversations and reflections deep within
I wish for more creations that come as a result of your brilliant mind
What else could I wish for a stellar human being
But for you to fulfill your grandest dreams

I wish you more head-on collisions and more bended knees
I wish for more seemingly impossible choices and decisions that bring you chills
I wish that these bring to an entirely new place
And remind you of the towering strength you’ve always had within
I wish for a faith that continues to deepen
I wish you joy that constantly wins