No One Leaves For Good

No One Leaves For Good

“Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood.
Do not let it grieve you,
No one leaves for good.”

– Baker’s wife, Into The Woods

A really close friend at the office is leaving and I am torn. I am really not good with goodbyes so I’m feeling a bit sad and emotional. But at the same time, I am happy and excited for that new chapter in my friend’s journey.

As a going away gift, we decided to create a scrapbook with all the wonderful experiences and amazing adventures with that cool friend. Halfway through creating the scrapbook was when I was reminded that no one really leaves for good, not with all these incredible memories. 🙂

11127066_10205441825238301_5053815572521480207_n 11139360_10205441829678412_3113265663225200926_n11138095_10205441827678362_1910704728487546746_n 630ff7fa101183f3e7e40b53cafb071e414e56bce2563e18eab5a8cd65cf55fa82d1050c2c8e98c5fec3dbf7f6ac8612112f75bfcf1058b19bf8e5f1d7c3e50f 5ff9102ed96a1637c5cc2859b4bbb8b3645fd65163c1acf2746b946f62620482ecc04e5909d0d368f841bed3791c1d88ed45b1ec9febddedac9688d1f5f3429a 3c23a3a683835a6272e6781aba78e5f8927fc166cc02b1d51ef8c6a5f28e6ce8 077b26a84a72682f16f6e4f90cccb223057c696706dc8e63f42b48f00391bc37 393c39b5929dc83db50bd3c790e3946d93f5224a6843f44e92493011d0dd77c1


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