Blogging 101: Day Eleven: Playtime!

Inspired by the The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts: Toy Story

As a child, playtime meant two things. First, I go out with other kids on the block to play various kinds of street games: Patintero, Tumbang-Preso, Habulan, Moro-moro, Taguan, Langit-Lupa, etc. I probably have tried almost every kind of Filipino game that kids play in the street (many years ago). Second, I sit in one corner of the room and craft. I cut out different shapes from paper, made scrapbook, designed my own handmade cards, carved soap, played with beads, molded clay, tinkered with strings, twisted metal wires, played with plaster of Paris, made boxes from scratch, and worked with every material I could put my hands on. The thrill of being able to create something was exhilarating. I would enjoy every minute of crafting and forget the time. Heck, I would even forget to eat until my stomach cannot take it anymore and would complain loudly. And both served as the preview to my dream life today: To enjoy all kinds of adventure with family and friends; To be thrilled by continuously creating; To make doing what I love my profession; To make every moment my playtime.


4 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Day Eleven: Playtime!

  1. I loved making crafts when I was little, too! It’s really great that we were both able to make our childhood passion our profession. I also really admire your passion for adventuring with friends and family. That’s really important in life =)

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