Surf’s Up

After a couple of failed attempts, I finally got to go on a trip to Baler, Aurora to try surfing. And was I excited! My friends and I arrived at the beach at around 5 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, there were no more surf boards and instructors available. We decided to just take a dip, play around, and come back early the next morning.

IMG_0514 IMG_0516

We came back at about 8 am. The sun was a bit high up (so much for our resolve to come back early). Nonetheless, we went on with our mission. We found ourselves 6 instructors for 6 eager surfers and proceeded with the lessons. The first part was learning the parts of a surf board: the nose, rails, deck, tail, and fins. Then, we were taught the proper positions while waiting, getting ready to stand up, and the stance whilst riding the waves.

IMG_0587 IMG_0594 IMG_0589 IMG_0595IMG_0590 IMG_0593 IMG_0592

At long last, it was time to surf! Every fall humbled us but made us more determined to conquer the next wave. Every smooth ride made us feel content and overwhelmingly in control. Needless to say, we all had our fair share of both funny wipe-outs and proud glides and we enjoyed every minute of each one.

IMG_0628 IMG_0635 IMG_0624 IMG_0627 IMG_0644 IMG_0634 IMG_0632 IMG_0618IMG_0645 IMG_0620

The experience left us feeling stoked and wanting more.


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