A Chock-full of Festivities

The upcoming week will be a chock-full of festivities in my beloved province of Bulacan in the Philippines. I have been eagerly waiting for a time when I could once again join the week-long celebration of the Singkaban Festival held annually every 8th until the 15th of September. Fortunately, I have some free time on my hands this coming week.


Although the term “Singkaban” was coined from the phrase, “Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan” (Arts and Culture of Bulacan), it was originally derived from the arches artistically made from bamboo and displayed during special events and celebrations. As the bamboo arches represent the rich culture and tradition of the people of Bulacan, expect the Singkaban Festival to bring you a taste of the province’s deep culture, artistry and distinctiveness.


If ever you find yourself a stone’s throw away from the province next week, do not hesitate to drop by and enjoy the many different activities as seen below:

2343Photo courtesy of: http://www.bulacan.gov.ph/tourism/newsarticle.php?id=2343

You may also refer to the table below:

Singkaban Festival 2015 Activities


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