10 Things I Love About Singapore

The first country I was able to explore was Singapore and it was love-at-first-visit. The three days I spent there were some of the most exhilarating and jam-packed days of my life. And I vowed to come back and explore more of it.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in Singapore once again. Here are some things I just absolutely love about it:

1. Malls everywhere

If you need to buy anything or simply want a refuge from the mid-day heat, you can easily find a mall as there are a lot of them. There are a number of community malls around and a few steps away from a lot of the MRT stations.

2. Hawker centers

Visits to hawker centers are a must! A lot of tasty and really cheap food can be enjoyed there including roasted chicken, Nasi Lemak, and really delicious pancakes with different fillings called Roti Prata. Drinks such as lime/calamansi juice, lime iced tea, and iced coffee are also really refreshing.

3. 1.2-dollar ice cream!

These delectable treats can be found along Orchard Road. They used to be priced at 1 Singapore Dollar each. Hence, they used to be called “one-dollar ice cream.” But no complains on the price increase here since they are still as delicious as ever. You can try them with bread or with wafers.

4. Disciplined people

The people of Singapore are just really disciplined. They strictly adhere to the rules, cross at pedestrian lanes, follow the stop lights, and reserve seats for the elderly, pregnant, disabled and children.

5. Transportation system

The transportation system is well-organized. You can go almost anywhere via the MRT. There are five MRT lines differentiated by route and color. Transferring from one to the other is stress-free especially since the different lines are connected and have easy-to-follow signs. If ever your destination is not readily accessible thru the MRT, riding the buses is almost as easy. You just have to check the name of the bus stop and the number of the bus that will pass by your destination. A little research may be required before you go about riding buses especially if you are not familiar with the places there. And have I mentioned that there are a lot of double decker buses? Commuting can really be fun in Singapore.

6. Lovely strolls

Walks to and from MRT stations and bus stops can easily turn to lovely strolls. You can enjoy the scenery, parks and grass-filled open areas, and feel safe even at night.

7. Art all around

Art can be found almost anywhere especially in MRT stations and malls. Each one you see is unique and makes you realize that art, although interpreted in many different ways, just opens up your heart and mind to all the beauty out there.

8. Mix of culture

Singapore offers a cool mix of culture since the streets are full of people from almost every place in the world. However, if you need to imbibe more of a specific one, you can always visit Little India, Haji Lane, Arab Street, and Chinatown.

9. Picturesque structures

You can never run out of photo opportunities since there are a lot of interesting and picturesque structures. Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and the Merlion, of course, are just a few you shouldn’t miss.

10. A lot of places to explore for free

Given a traveler’s budget, you will find the word “free” as music to your ears. You can always try a DIY city tour and explore every amazing nook and every remarkable cranny for free. Some more cool sights to see are the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Marina Bay, and Orchard Road.


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