Anywhere Anything Anyhow

A cozy little corner inside the house

On the streets during a morning jog

A long bus ride on the way home

At a table in a favorite restaurant

A four-hour plane ride to a dream destination

In a queue for passport renewal

By the beach while watching the crashing waves

Anywhere is good when you write from the heart


In a worn out and trusted notebook

On the receipt of the gift I just bought

With a favorite black pen

With a crayon borrowed from a friend

Through the shared desktop at home

Through the Ipad taken almost anywhere

Through the ever dependable smartphone

Anything is good when you write from the heart


Deafening silence all around

With a lot of talking people in the background

Cool, upbeat songs continuously playing

Sitting comfortably on a gray office chair

Lying down on my belly with feet in the air

On a hot and sunny Sunday morning

Through the frightening bouts of thunder and lightning

Anyhow is good when you write from the heart

*This is in response to Blogging University’s Writing 101, Day 6: The space to write

As part of this Writing 101 course, I have created a poll (see below) and I would greatly appreciate it if you could spend your precious time in answering.


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