A Break-up Letter

Dear Self-doubt,

I am sorry to have to say this but I have to say goodbye. Sure, we had some good times. You kept me from pain. You shielded me from failures. You protected me from the world. And we were okay. Everything was normal. But that was it, that was all we were going to have.

I am not meant to just be okay. I am not destined to just be normal. I know you meant no harm. I know you just wanted to keep me from getting hurt. But I need to get hurt. I need the pain and the failures if I am ever going to be strong enough and wise enough to reach the extraordinary.

I just have to do this. I know you’d understand.


Someone who held onto you for so long


*This is in response to Blogging University’s Writing 101, Day 9: Reinvent the letter format

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