Singkaban Festival 2015

A few weeks back, I have had the pleasure of celebrating the Singkaban Festival 2015 with my fellow Bulakenyos. There had been a Chock-full of Festivities as I have mentioned in a previous post. I was able to participate in a few and it has been an enriching experience. I loved being right in the midst of Bulacan’s deep culture, artistry, and distinctiveness.


Indakan sa Kalye (Street dancing competition)

Watching the street dancing competition was a relearning experience. I was reacquainted with the various traditions and different products of the municipalities in the province. I was astounded by how artistically they incorporated these traditions and products in their costumes, props, and dance moves.

Lakan Sining Exhibit

Every work-of-art just leaves me at awe. I am thrilled at how artists use their hands and imagination in creating priceless and timeless pieces of history, culture, and beauty. And with the admiration comes the dream of using my hands and abilities in the same way.

Bulacan Festival Costume Expo

The costumes perfectly communicated the Bulakenyos’ ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Bulacan Food Fair and Exposition, Tatak Singkaban ng Central Luzon, Bulacan Pasalubong Center

The Singkaban Festival would not be complete without the different municipalities showcasing their signature products. There were three venues for this. The first was the Bulacan Food Fair and Exposition wherein the municipalities proudly displayed and sold their delectable treats and topnotch merchandise in well-decorated booths. Bulacan’s finest goods were also made available through the Tatak Singkaban ng Central Luzon along with others in the region. Lastly, I also paid a visit to the Bulacan Pasalubong Center which sells these products all year long.


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