Adults Can Have Playdates, Too

My cousin called me up to tell me she had just bought a new toy and invited me to play. By toy, I mean a new convection oven she had been wanting for the longest time. And by play, I mean baking one in a long list of breads, cakes, and pastries she would love to make. This time, it was banana bread with cashews.

We met late in the afternoon and scoured through the city in search of the things we would be needing. We went to buy some cashews, stopped by a newly opened baking supplies store we saw along the way, and proceeded to buy other ingredients in a supermarket before going home.

My heart skipped a beat when she took out a lot of her toys.

I went crazy with the hand mixer with the blender attachment which I used to mash the bananas. The poor bananas never saw it coming.

My cousin, the accountant, definitely had a blast with the measuring cups and measuring spoons while slowly accounting for each grain of flour and sugar she put it the mix.

My gift wrapping skills were put to good use as I folded through the wax paper to line up small baking pans with. I’m telling you, those folds were perfect.

Of course, the star of the night was the convection oven. My cousin couldn’t take her eyes away as her new toy fulfilled its grand purpose, to bake us some mighty fine goodies.

I went home with a full stomach, a very satisfied heart, and a bag full of baked banana bread. It was a delightful end to a delightful playdate, isn’t it? 😉


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