How to “Plant Seeds” in the Game of Survivor

When your back is against a wall, you can pretty much do anything. There is nothing to lose, nowhere to go, nothing to do but just go all out. This was the story of this week’s episode of Survivor Second Chances where Ciera and Wentworth did everything they could to stay in the game.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead. 😉

Here’s how they continued to “plant the seeds” (as Ciera calls it):

  1. Even after Kass, a crucial alliance, was voted out, Ciera continued to instill the “play to win” attitude by taking a walk with Stephen along the beach. She suggested that they take Joe, a really big challenge beast, out of the game.
  2. They see rewards as more than just rewards. They used the time to build a bond with fellow castaways and ease in talks of strategy in between OD-ing in caffeine and pastries and the carefree joyride in the tuk-tuk driven by Keith.
  3. Wentworth continued with strategy talks with Joe and Wigglesworth and was keen on learning about how all the other talks were going. And even after talks of taking Stephen out didn’t work out, they kept cool and moved on to think of the next logical step.
  4. They kept on pushing the “play to win” attitude in tribal council. They took turns in making the tribe realize that if they continue to follow blindly, the core alliance of Savage, Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen/Joe would take them out one by one.

These seeds may take a longer time to grow since all the other nine castaways still wrote Wentworth’s name down. It was a good thing that she had a Survivor miracle inside her bag, the hidden immunity idol she found earlier. She managed to pull off one of the most epic blindsides in Survivor history and took out Savage who was extremely dumbfounded. I find myself still shaking in excitement hours after watching the episode. And if ever I find myself in a game of Survivor (I can dream, right?), I would definitely take these pages in Ciera and Wentworth’s books.


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