Use The Force

Disclaimer: Nope, this has nothing to with the Star Wars movie. 😛

A little boy was asking for some money from the few of us sitting down in a waiting room. I didn’t have anything to spare so I kept a straight face and shook my head. He was persistent and I knew the boy would be trouble. He took some food in my bag without my permission and ran away.

I woke up. What a weird dream, right? I was just about to brush it off when it made my heart tingle a bit. It felt like it meant something.

We usually believe we have this fairly good gut instinct about people’s actions and motives. We expect things from them and most of the time, they do what we think they would. And we usually have a high belief in this ability to predict how people would act. We attribute this in our keen sense of observation and analysis of their past actions. We think we know people well and know what they’ll do in every circumstance almost all of the time.

However, we are fairly bad at the expecting part. We mostly expect bad things from them. And we think afterwards that we were perfectly right. We just knew it. And then we wonder, when will they ever change?

But what if instead of predicting people’s actions, we are contributing to them by the virtue of our expectations?

The dream reminded me of the Law of Attraction. I am a believer of the law ever since I first read about it in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. In the simplest words I could find, the law says that we attract the predominant thoughts in our minds. And it works without fail all of the time. Sometimes, we even have a direct hand in how those expectations come into reality.

And this is good news! We have this huge force inside us that we rarely use. Instead of drawing on the past to predict the future, we can actually influence a better future by the virtue of our thoughts and beliefs.

So, I say, use the force! Expect the good. Believe with all your heart. Experience great things happen.


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