From The Bottom of This Turtle’s Heart


Has it really been a year already?!

I started this blog a year ago as a way to be right in the midst of such enormously creative and passionate people and to show my crazy colorful side to the world. And as my favorite metaphor, “a rollercoaster ride” is just about right to describe this overwhelming experience. I started out eagerly with much excitement about what is in store for me. I posted blog after blog enthusiastically but not without fear that what I post or say may just be real uninteresting. There were times when the enthusiasm died down and I wouldn’t post for days. Then, I would eventually miss it and come back running. I’d be overcome with the same thrill and excitement as when I started. Posts would again pile up in my drafts, all giddy to be let out in the open.

This experience has been nothing short of a miracle. I have met the most awe-inspiring people who made me laugh, made me shed a tear, woke me up, egged me on, and brought out the beautiful parts of me I have unconsciously kept hidden. And I believe they all have been God-sent to remind me how to really live. For everyone who has willingly shared a part of themselves, thank you!

Everyone has also been really kind, gracious, and supportive. I came into this half expecting negative criticisms from people. I haven’t had even a drop of negativity and I don’t think I ever will. For everyone who has just been extremely loving and full of light, thank you!

I am enormously grateful for every bit of love, happiness, and color you have all shared. They now have a very special place in my shell. From the bottom of this turtle’s heart, thank you!



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