10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday in Disneyland

Age has always just been a number to represent the number of years I have existed. It has never been something that dictated the way I should act or the level of maturity I should have. In my heart, I am and will always be a kid. I play. I run around. I am in constant awe of the beauty in the world. I chase after every adventure as if it were a butterfly in a wide field of tall grass.

So, I opted to celebrate my 29th birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland. And it was the most magical birthday ever. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. The magic starts even before you arrive. The train ride to Disneyland ensures that you know exactly where you are going with the Mickey Mouse windows and handles.


2. By the time you arrive, you would have felt your heart bursting in your chest with the excitement of it all. The aura right after you have arrived is just filled with pure exhilaration and bliss. You feel it and you know the people around you feel it.


3. Every area you step into is surreal. You would not be able to believe what you see. You might even need to slap yourself to make sure you are not dreaming.


4. The food are too cute to eat. Mickey Mouse and Disney-themed food and snacks are everywhere! It would be too difficult not to play with your food.


5. The mere sight of all the merchandise and souvenirs would bring you to cloud 9. Walking inside a store makes you feel like you’re in Disney heaven.


6. Each ride would give you a different magical experience. You would not be able to pick your favorite from being in a dream with Pooh and friends and hunny, being in a jungle river cruise with the weirdest animals, enjoying a showcase of cultures of people around the world, and a lot more cool attractions.


7. The day parade would make your jaw drop. Out-of-this-world floats. Bees in bungee cords. Tigers in stilts. Disney princesses. You would wish this parade never ends.


8. The night parade would make your jaw drop even more. Add bright colorful lights to mix. As if the awesomeness of the day parade was not enough.


9. They give an all-out show. You would find yourself astonished at people’s ingenuity showcased in The Festival of the Lion King. This show is the definition of “all-out” with a medley of songs sung live and beautifully, crazy and mind-blowing acrobats, spectacular fire dancers, stunning costumes, and the most unbelievable stage.



10. They end the night with a bang. What better way is there to cap the night off  than a display of fireworks combined with the sound of classic Disney songs?



*Photos with me in them were taken by either my sister, KC, or my friend, Ice Ajon.:)



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