A Trip Worth Taking

There is much grandeur associated in being able to travel to another country. You research, plan and ensure that you visit all the beautiful places that fit your interests. Whether those places truly are worth visiting or there is some added hype in being in a faraway place, travelers must admit that there are still places left back home that are comparable or are even more incredible than tourist spots abroad.

As a proud inhabjitant of the Philippines, I make sure to include in my travel list some places in my home country. One such place brimming with stunning views is Antipolo City. Being just more than an hour away from Metro Manila, it is often taken for granted. One Saturday afternoon, I took off with some friends to visit a few places in the nearby city. And was I surprised to discover much beauty and innocence in the place.

First stop was the famed Hinulugang Taktak. It has been a well-known tourist spot and my friends and I found ourselves a bit ashamed that we haven’t visited sooner. The entrance was free and we enjoyed the peaceful scenery.


The next stop was the Pinto Art Museum. This place has a 180 PhP entrance fee per person but one step inside immediately told me that it was worth every cent. I am even at a loss for words that could describe how I felt about the place. It was an escape, a wonder, an inspiration, and a form of the most free expression all at the same time.


We also would not leave Antipolo without visiting Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. We have this belief that one could make a wish when one visits a church for the first time. And I take that opportunity everytime.

Last stop was dinner, of course. We ate at Café Lupe Grill and Restaurant along Sumulong Highway with a stunning view of Manila. The food was good. The price was reasonable. The waiter was funny. The view of the sunset allowed us to witness a magnificent end to a magnificent day.


With four places checked in our list for a halfday trip, it has been a trip definitely worth taking. Although, we still have to come back as we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the wonderful places to experience in that lovely city.


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