Language of Love

I’m the one who remembers you
Pop out when you least expected me to
Make you feel how much you mean to me
Let you know you’re special through the little things

I’m the one who answers your call
Be the high when you feel so low
Stay with you ’til the wee hours of the night
Help you clear your head and sharpen your sight

I’m the one you can share a drink or two with
Be your punching bag, net, whatever you need
Help put every thought, every “what if” to the test
Til you get every burden off your chest

I’m the one who comes running
Who halts and just drops everything
Take that midnight bus, travel far away
Give you a hug and say, “It’s going to be okay”


One thought on “Language of Love

  1. Any updates on Essien injury .. Feeling the pressure of Inter game .. I hope we don’t lose any players to injury in west ham game.. we don’t have any cushion so as to rest players.. a simple 1-0 win is all what is needed against west ham .. hope we don’t again make a mess of our lipel..Revsy


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