An Open Letter to Christina Grimmie

Dearest Grimmie,

I heard you moved on to your next great adventure. I guess you’ll be rockin’ it up there now with the Lord.

When I first heard about the news of your passing, I was so sure it was a hoax. Well, that was what I wanted to believe. It wasn’t until I felt uneasy with all the thinking that I had to find out for sure. And there it was – the news that you had been shot. I was out of words and almost out of thoughts. It felt like I had lost a friend. It didn’t feel right. It still doesn’t feel right. How could the universe take away such a beautiful soul? And why does it have to be in such an unfortunate way?

And so, I chose to go to my run-to quote in times like these, “Everything happens for a reason.” In time, I know I will understand. The world will understand why you had to leave so early in this life. Instead of wallowing in grief for a great loss, now, I’m choosing to celebrate an insanely miraculous life.

YOU WERE PHENOMENAL! When I first heard you sing on The Voice, I instantly became a fan. And as I came to know more about you, I was drawn even more. Every performance you gave was magical. You made sure that The Real Grimmie shone through every song, every cool outfit, every video, and even through every word. You were a wrecking ball of love, faithfulness, passion, creativity, and quirkiness. You were YOU no matter what. The reason you were so great was that you were never trying to be. You were just having fun being yourself.

I would normally say that every death ends a person’s meaningfulness in the world. But I am getting more and more convinced that it is the opposite. From what I am seeing, your legacy lives on by virtue of the people that continues to gather and celebrate the amazing life you have lived. And I believe that your legacy will continue to live on through us whose lives you’ve touched. We all have been witness to how ridiculously insane you were in living a life of your own. And we will strive to do the same.

Don’t worry about us whom you have left behind. We’ll continue to rock on down here. You just continue to rock on up there. And just hold on, you’re going home.

With all my love and prayers,
A grateful fan


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