Keep This In Your Heart

When the world sees but never believes
When the world takes but never gives
When all it sees is black, white and gray
Even when a full spectrum’s on display

When the world’s so quick to judge but so slow to understand
When the world gives out opinions but never takes a stand
When the world just talks but never listens
When it sees the clouds but never the sun behind them

When the world always plans out an escape
When it is so quick to run every chance it gets
When the world continues to sin but never forgives
When it has become even less accepting

Stay true; be yourself
Continue to love without regret
Put on your best smile; laugh your heart out
Hug without ever holding back

Hold on to hope; keep the child-like faith
Plant the seeds of kindness everywhere
Know this and keep this in your heart:
You are exactly what will give this world a new start

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