30 Wishes

I wish you the all the usuals –
The perfect health, many more years
For more loving moments with your man
A stronger bond with your cool kid
And while we’re at it, I wish for another quirky one to come
I wish for more love in your extended family

I wish that you get to all beautiful places you can’t even imagine
For more walks in the forest and lovely strolls by the beach
For you to try more exquisite cuisines and food trips by the street
I wish that you enjoy the wildest adventures and capture the most stunning pics
For you to revel in the most varied cultures and meet the weirdest of this species
I wish that you get to find some as treasured friends for keeps

I wish you more exciting political discussions
For more debates about even the most mundane things
I wish you more meaningful conversations and reflections deep within
I wish for more creations that come as a result of your brilliant mind
What else could I wish for a stellar human being
But for you to fulfill your grandest dreams

I wish you more head-on collisions and more bended knees
I wish for more seemingly impossible choices and decisions that bring you chills
I wish that these bring to an entirely new place
And remind you of the towering strength you’ve always had within
I wish for a faith that continues to deepen
I wish you joy that constantly wins


Today, I Vow to

Today, I vow to forgive you

Even when it’s the easiest thing in the world not to

Even when I know it’s gonna be extremely difficult

Even when I don’t even know where to start


Today, I vow to try to understand you

To think about how difficult it must have been to fight through

To remember that you must have tried hard to deal with your demons

To accept the worst parts and celebrate the best parts of you


Today, I vow to try and try

‘Cause I know in my heart that it is right

‘Cause I know I just have to, one way or another

‘Cause I know running away was and will never be the answer


Today, I vow to forgive you

And I vow to forgive myself too

I know my love should never have had a condition

And by withholding it, I failed you too



Blessed and Blissful at 30

To me, age has always been irrelevant. And I don’t mind people asking how old I am for two reasons. One is because I act and feel like a kid most of the time people usually think I am younger. And second is because when you ask how old I am, I think about years of being blessed. I think about years’ worth of adventures, years’ worth of learning and improving myself, years’ worth of struggles and challenges that made me try to understand people more, years’ worth of love and kindness from people that have come and gone, years’ worth of love and strength from those who stayed, and years’ worth of the Lord’s love and guidance.

So, every time that clock strikes 12 on the 25th of the 2nd month of the year, I am reminded that every year added to my life means another year’s worth of blessings. And I can’t let the moment pass by without saying thank you to you who remembered and are happy for me, to you who took time to celebrate with me, to you who has been or continues to be a part of this unbelievably beautiful journey, and to You up there Who has been on my side since day 1.

Look Up v.3


If you haven’t already noticed, I really like looking up. It’s not only because I find amazing frames and beautiful sights up there but also because in a particularly challenging day, I find comfort and grace up There. Somehow, looking up has meant looking up to Him who saves.

*In response to the Mundane Monday Challenge

We’re the Same, You and I

Your fears are my fears

We feel the same shivers, shed the same tears

The world is full of things that leave us paralyzed

We’re the same, you and I


Your pain is my pain

We give and give and give to no avail

Little by little, we let ourselves die

We’re the same, you and I


Your broken is my same kind of broken

We try to fit in and be accepted

But we can’t fit the mould no matter how we try

We’re the same, you and I


But also…


My courage is your courage

We dig deep no matter the circumstances


My strength is your strength

We fight for those we love ’til the end


My faith is your faith

We know deep down we’re meant for greatness


So, there’s no room for worry; we’ll be alright

‘Cause we’re the same you and I

You’ve Just Forgotten

The grass isn’t any less green
The sky isn’t any less blue
The sun is brighter than it has ever been
You’ve just forgotten how to stop and look

The flowers aren’t any less fragrant
There’s nothing wrong with the wind
Now, you just have to understand that
You’ve forgotten how to take it all in

The waves never stopped rolling
The whispers never ceased
There really isn’t much silence
You’ve just forgotten how to be all ears

The chocolate has never been sweeter
You can experience every flavor anew
And nothing’s ever really hard to swallow
You’ve just forgotten how to chew

The warmth, the grace, the miracles
Have always just been lurking
Nothing’s as constantly present
Really, you’ve just forgotten how to feel

The Questions You Ask Yourself

How can the slightest touch move so much
Like earthquakes and tsunamis coming from the smallest nudge
How can so much warmth come from your cold, trembling hands
How can I feel so brave and so scared at the same time

How can everything move so slowly and my heart beat so fast
How can I be so sure yet have so many questions to ask
How can something so right hurt so much
How can every cliché in the book feel like it’s being heard for the first time

A Trip Worth Taking

There is much grandeur associated in being able to travel to another country. You research, plan and ensure that you visit all the beautiful places that fit your interests. Whether those places truly are worth visiting or there is some added hype in being in a faraway place, travelers must admit that there are still places left back home that are comparable or are even more incredible than tourist spots abroad.

As a proud inhabjitant of the Philippines, I make sure to include in my travel list some places in my home country. One such place brimming with stunning views is Antipolo City. Being just more than an hour away from Metro Manila, it is often taken for granted. One Saturday afternoon, I took off with some friends to visit a few places in the nearby city. And was I surprised to discover much beauty and innocence in the place.

First stop was the famed Hinulugang Taktak. It has been a well-known tourist spot and my friends and I found ourselves a bit ashamed that we haven’t visited sooner. The entrance was free and we enjoyed the peaceful scenery.


The next stop was the Pinto Art Museum. This place has a 180 PhP entrance fee per person but one step inside immediately told me that it was worth every cent. I am even at a loss for words that could describe how I felt about the place. It was an escape, a wonder, an inspiration, and a form of the most free expression all at the same time.


We also would not leave Antipolo without visiting Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. We have this belief that one could make a wish when one visits a church for the first time. And I take that opportunity everytime.

Last stop was dinner, of course. We ate at Café Lupe Grill and Restaurant along Sumulong Highway with a stunning view of Manila. The food was good. The price was reasonable. The waiter was funny. The view of the sunset allowed us to witness a magnificent end to a magnificent day.


With four places checked in our list for a halfday trip, it has been a trip definitely worth taking. Although, we still have to come back as we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the wonderful places to experience in that lovely city.