30 Wishes

I wish you the all the usuals –
The perfect health, many more years
For more loving moments with your man
A stronger bond with your cool kid
And while we’re at it, I wish for another quirky one to come
I wish for more love in your extended family

I wish that you get to all beautiful places you can’t even imagine
For more walks in the forest and lovely strolls by the beach
For you to try more exquisite cuisines and food trips by the street
I wish that you enjoy the wildest adventures and capture the most stunning pics
For you to revel in the most varied cultures and meet the weirdest of this species
I wish that you get to find some as treasured friends for keeps

I wish you more exciting political discussions
For more debates about even the most mundane things
I wish you more meaningful conversations and reflections deep within
I wish for more creations that come as a result of your brilliant mind
What else could I wish for a stellar human being
But for you to fulfill your grandest dreams

I wish you more head-on collisions and more bended knees
I wish for more seemingly impossible choices and decisions that bring you chills
I wish that these bring to an entirely new place
And remind you of the towering strength you’ve always had within
I wish for a faith that continues to deepen
I wish you joy that constantly wins


Blessed and Blissful at 30

To me, age has always been irrelevant. And I don’t mind people asking how old I am for two reasons. One is because I act and feel like a kid most of the time people usually think I am younger. And second is because when you ask how old I am, I think about years of being blessed. I think about years’ worth of adventures, years’ worth of learning and improving myself, years’ worth of struggles and challenges that made me try to understand people more, years’ worth of love and kindness from people that have come and gone, years’ worth of love and strength from those who stayed, and years’ worth of the Lord’s love and guidance.

So, every time that clock strikes 12 on the 25th of the 2nd month of the year, I am reminded that every year added to my life means another year’s worth of blessings. And I can’t let the moment pass by without saying thank you to you who remembered and are happy for me, to you who took time to celebrate with me, to you who has been or continues to be a part of this unbelievably beautiful journey, and to You up there Who has been on my side since day 1.

Places You Shouldn’t Miss When in Hong Kong

For the past three years, I have been seeking for an extraordinary celebration for each of my birthdays. Two years ago, my officemates and I went to the streets of Baguio City and took part in the grand Panagbenga Festival. Last year, I had fun and a lot of games in my very own McDonald’s kiddie party. I even had a mascot as a special guest. For the last one, I took off with my sister and my college friends to Hong Kong. It was a 6-day trip that added a lot to the list of amazing places that I am grateful to have visited. Here are some of them:

Victoria Harbour

A walk along Victoria Harbour is a sure treat. You’ll get to see breathtaking views, cool art, and a beautiful display of dancing lights and upbeat sounds. Make sure to visit this place both in the morning and at night.


Nan Lian Garden

In the midst of a busy and fast-paced city life, Nan Lian Garden provides a refreshing escape. Take your sweet time in exploring the innocence of the place, enjoying the calm and relaxed aura, and taking everything in.


Hong Kong Disneyland

When they say it is going to be magical, they really mean MAGICAL! I spent almost the entire day of my birthday here and it was awesome! It was so magical that it deserved a separate post.


Ocean Park Hong Kong

We almost let go of going to Ocean Park since we have already been to Disneyland but I am really glad we didn’t. It provides an entirely different but equally awesome experience. The rides were more thrilling and were more fit for adults. However, the kids and the kids-at-heart would find themselves amazed at all the cool (and sometimes weird) animals.



Technically, Macau is an entirely separate place but it is worth the ferry ride. It boasts of an extremely rich culture that would be felt a few steps in. It has so many hidden gems to be discovered. And did I mention there are plenty of casinos here? It would be best to schedule at least one whole day to fully explore this incredible place.

10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday in Disneyland

Age has always just been a number to represent the number of years I have existed. It has never been something that dictated the way I should act or the level of maturity I should have. In my heart, I am and will always be a kid. I play. I run around. I am in constant awe of the beauty in the world. I chase after every adventure as if it were a butterfly in a wide field of tall grass.

So, I opted to celebrate my 29th birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland. And it was the most magical birthday ever. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. The magic starts even before you arrive. The train ride to Disneyland ensures that you know exactly where you are going with the Mickey Mouse windows and handles.


2. By the time you arrive, you would have felt your heart bursting in your chest with the excitement of it all. The aura right after you have arrived is just filled with pure exhilaration and bliss. You feel it and you know the people around you feel it.


3. Every area you step into is surreal. You would not be able to believe what you see. You might even need to slap yourself to make sure you are not dreaming.


4. The food are too cute to eat. Mickey Mouse and Disney-themed food and snacks are everywhere! It would be too difficult not to play with your food.


5. The mere sight of all the merchandise and souvenirs would bring you to cloud 9. Walking inside a store makes you feel like you’re in Disney heaven.


6. Each ride would give you a different magical experience. You would not be able to pick your favorite from being in a dream with Pooh and friends and hunny, being in a jungle river cruise with the weirdest animals, enjoying a showcase of cultures of people around the world, and a lot more cool attractions.


7. The day parade would make your jaw drop. Out-of-this-world floats. Bees in bungee cords. Tigers in stilts. Disney princesses. You would wish this parade never ends.


8. The night parade would make your jaw drop even more. Add bright colorful lights to mix. As if the awesomeness of the day parade was not enough.


9. They give an all-out show. You would find yourself astonished at people’s ingenuity showcased in The Festival of the Lion King. This show is the definition of “all-out” with a medley of songs sung live and beautifully, crazy and mind-blowing acrobats, spectacular fire dancers, stunning costumes, and the most unbelievable stage.



10. They end the night with a bang. What better way is there to cap the night off  than a display of fireworks combined with the sound of classic Disney songs?



*Photos with me in them were taken by either my sister, KC, or my friend, Ice Ajon.:)