One to be Creative

I saw this post that really spoke to me. It was by Word Porn, one of the pages I like in Facebook, and it said:

Find three hobbies you love:

One to make you money,

One to keep you in shape,

And one to be creative.


In a quest to find one of these hobbies, I decided to spend an entire day to learn more about calligraphy. There was this calligraphy fair sponsored by National Bookstore, a well-known bookstore in the Philippines. True to the event title, you will find yourself having some love for the art due to several reasons. One, it’s difficult not to get infected by how passionate the artists, the mentors, the guests, and the fellow participants are. Two, you get to experience it right there and then. There were tables filled with art materials that you could use as the mentors speak on stage about the various techniques, different mediums, and, the many ways to develop your own style. Three, you get to witness (and ¬†feel a little jealous of) these master artists at work. You get to watch in awe how these phenomenal works-of-art are brought to life by these amazing and tireless artists. I left the event truly exhilarated by the experience and inspired to get started on that third hobby. ūüíô

Note: This is a very late post on a calligraphy fair I attended early this year.

DIY Stamps

What best way to spend the weekends than doing something you love? So, that is what I did last weekend and made my very own stamp.

Yep. Just for the fun of it.

I don’t have any particular use for it in mind. Maybe I’ll get to use it.¬†Maybe not.¬†I really didn’t care.

I took my toys out and carved away. In that moment, it was just me, a block of eraser, my carving tools, and the work-of-art that was to come from it.

Never Quite Like This

You will find amazing people to hang out with at work but never quite like this.

You will develop a deeper friendship with colleagues but never quite like this.

You will goof around a lot but never quite like this.

You will hang on as hard as you can to people who are leaving but never quite like this.

You will examine every map , read every blog , and ask everyone around just to find somewhere great to eat but never quite like this.

You will be immensely involved in all company events and celebrations but never quite like this.

You will leave with countless memories that will be difficult to forget and meaningful friendships that will be difficult to break but never quite like this.

Another amazing colleague and dear friend has left the company where we used to work together. Even though I was not there anymore, I created another scrapbook to serve as a simple memento of all the precious memories and crazy experiences she had while working there (see the scrapbook I made previously here).

This time, I decided to try digital scrapbooking. I painstakingly went through years and years of photographs in my collection and in various Facebook accounts of her friends. I designed the layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint. I also included some captions that encapsulate particularly significant memories for each year. I had the slides printed in photo paper and bound them together myself.

Creating this scrapbook was pure ecstasy not only because I love making things using my hands and imagination but also because of the thought of how happy my friend will be when she sees it.

A Sweet Escape

While most kids reveled at their latest loot of goodies, I took time to enjoy for¬†myself a treat. I pulled a page off the adult coloring book a friend gave me recently and colored the time¬†away. I intentionally didn’t buy one because I know I would not be able to keep my hands off it. Seconds would melt into minutes and minutes into hours. And like so many times¬†before, an entire day would have¬†gone just like that.¬†That was exactly what happened. And I am glad it did. I have been preoccupied with so many seemingly important concerns that I forgot what it is that I am here¬†in this world for – to have fun. It has been a while since I was at peace. My overthinking brain became silent. I¬†found contentment with every stroke. After coloring, I could not even stop. So, I took out my x-acto knife and cut away. It was pure bliss. For this Halloween, it was my treat, my sweet escape.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”

No One Leaves For Good

No One Leaves For Good

“Sometimes people leave you
Halfway through the wood.
Do not let it grieve you,
No one leaves for good.”

– Baker’s wife, Into The Woods

A really close friend at the office is leaving and I am torn. I am really not good with goodbyes so I’m feeling a bit sad and emotional. But at the same time, I am happy and excited for that new chapter in my friend’s journey.

As a going away gift, we decided to create a scrapbook with all the wonderful experiences and amazing adventures with that cool¬†friend. Halfway through creating the scrapbook was when I was reminded that no one really leaves for good, not with all these incredible memories. ūüôā

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Through Christ

So, I got this gift and my heart jumped at the first word I read – CREATE. And oh, how I love doing that. I had to scratch off that black sheet and design my own tumbler. I knew exactly what I’d put – the bible quote I go to whether I am going through a particularly bad day or my head is screaming with all these grand dreams I am not sure I could make happen.

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