DIY Dessert


I have a sweet tooth, a very sweet one. However, I haven’t been one who has been gifted with a talent for cooking. So, I have limited myself to preparing no-cook desserts and fruit shakes.

This time, I found myself craving for some leche flan (a dessert made of milk and eggs steamed to sweet perfection). My mom makes one of the best leche flan in the world (yep, I am biased) so I have been bugging her to make one for the longest time. She hadn’t had the time so I decided to put things in my own hands. I asked for her recipe and made my first DIY leche flan.

In my excitement, I forgot to cover them while steaming. Thus, the result was a texture that was not as smooth as I had hoped for. I guess it means one more try and more desserts for me. No complains here. 🙂