Love Lives

I saw this video with a blindfolded guy
Beside him was a large sign
“I’m Muslim and people call me terrorist,” it said
“Do you trust me? If yes, hug me,” I read
“Well, this is weird” was my first thought
But I kept on watching and waiting like a tot

One by one, they slowly came
These wonderful people who had no shame
They gave the guy a tight hug
And one full of love, may I add
Tears came rolling down my eyes
And to myself, it came as a surprise

Why was I crying? What was it about what they did?
Now, I feel like the one who’s weird
Was it the pain I carry everyday?
Was it the things I can never really say?
Was it all that’s happening in the world today?
Was it the fear of a future full of disarray?

After the tears came a feeling of relief
Then came that indescribable feeling of peace
For now, I have been reassured and reminded
There is still a lot of good in this planet
When you need it the most, love will always find a way
Even when you’re hopeless, even from the unlikely places


Today, I Vow to

Today, I vow to forgive you

Even when it’s the easiest thing in the world not to

Even when I know it’s gonna be extremely difficult

Even when I don’t even know where to start


Today, I vow to try to understand you

To think about how difficult it must have been to fight through

To remember that you must have tried hard to deal with your demons

To accept the worst parts and celebrate the best parts of you


Today, I vow to try and try

‘Cause I know in my heart that it is right

‘Cause I know I just have to, one way or another

‘Cause I know running away was and will never be the answer


Today, I vow to forgive you

And I vow to forgive myself too

I know my love should never have had a condition

And by withholding it, I failed you too



You’ve Just Forgotten

The grass isn’t any less green
The sky isn’t any less blue
The sun is brighter than it has ever been
You’ve just forgotten how to stop and look

The flowers aren’t any less fragrant
There’s nothing wrong with the wind
Now, you just have to understand that
You’ve forgotten how to take it all in

The waves never stopped rolling
The whispers never ceased
There really isn’t much silence
You’ve just forgotten how to be all ears

The chocolate has never been sweeter
You can experience every flavor anew
And nothing’s ever really hard to swallow
You’ve just forgotten how to chew

The warmth, the grace, the miracles
Have always just been lurking
Nothing’s as constantly present
Really, you’ve just forgotten how to feel

Unspoken Lessons

My mom told me,
Love with all your heart
Even if it hurts
Even if it hurts so much
You don’t even understand why you continue loving

My mom told me,
Give it all you’ve got
Even if you feel tired
And it doesn’t seem to have a reward
After all, the best reward is to know you’ve done a good job

My mom told me,
Be yourself
Own your weirdness
Even if the world doesn’t understand
What matters is that you live and love the way you want

My mom told me
And I listened
Even without an exchange of words
She knew, I knew
And it was enough

Life Lessons in a Role Playing Game

As more and more people are becoming interested in going out and exploring new things, a lot of fun, exciting, and unique activities are sprouting throughout Metro Manila. And just last Thursday, I got to experience Mystery Manila! As mentioned in its website, Mystery Manila is “the first live role playing game in the Philippines.” It has 3 branches so far and has different “mysteries” for anyone willing to try out their wits and challenge themselves. What you have to do is form a group of 2 to 6 members and choose a challenge. You’ll be given 60 minutes to solve the mystery. If you feel stuck, you could always ask for clues from the gamekeeper. However, every clue means an additional 5 minutes to the time you finished the challenge. There is a leaderboard outside that displays the fastest times each challenge was solved. Special prizes also await you depending on the amount of time you finish. But even without the prize, just being able to solve the mystery automatically gives you bragging rights.

We chose the Reversed Reality challenge in Libis, Quezon City and here’s a few things I learned while doing the challenge:

1. It’s okay to feel lost.
You won’t know where to start. You try to figure things out as much as you can with time pressuring you to do it faster. It’s okay to feel lost and confused. Things won’t always make sense especially if you’re in a new environment.

2. You can always ask for help.
There will be times when no matter what you do, you just remain stuck. Intead of being disappointed at the fact that you can’t figure things out, accept that you need help and ask for it. You’ll be able to move much more purposefully after that.

3. You will look and seem foolish. And it’s perfectly okay.
You are not expected to know everything. Ask questions. Yes, even those that sound stupid in your head. With so many things to consider, there is always something you are bound to miss.

4. Do your part.
When you’re in a group with so many brilliant people,it is easy to lay low and let them do all the work. However, you are forgetting that you have your own unique set of skills. You may even be considered the best in the group in some aspects of the challenge. Never be afraid to step up.

5. Have fun!
People’s expectations of you could sometimes have a crippling effect. “You’re supposed to be intelligent, right? This should be a piece of cake!” This kind of thinking puts too much pressure on you and gets in the way of having fun. Those expectations don’t matter. There are so many dimensions of your abilities that people will never understand. You’re in a game! And games are supposed to be fun.

Given that I have thought about all of these while solving the mystery with my friends, you may been able to conclude as well that my Mystery Manila experience has been a mix of extreme exhilaration and deep introspection.

And if you’re wondering if we solved the mystery: