Love Lives

I saw this video with a blindfolded guy
Beside him was a large sign
“I’m Muslim and people call me terrorist,” it said
“Do you trust me? If yes, hug me,” I read
“Well, this is weird” was my first thought
But I kept on watching and waiting like a tot

One by one, they slowly came
These wonderful people who had no shame
They gave the guy a tight hug
And one full of love, may I add
Tears came rolling down my eyes
And to myself, it came as a surprise

Why was I crying? What was it about what they did?
Now, I feel like the one who’s weird
Was it the pain I carry everyday?
Was it the things I can never really say?
Was it all that’s happening in the world today?
Was it the fear of a future full of disarray?

After the tears came a feeling of relief
Then came that indescribable feeling of peace
For now, I have been reassured and reminded
There is still a lot of good in this planet
When you need it the most, love will always find a way
Even when you’re hopeless, even from the unlikely places

We’re the Same, You and I

Your fears are my fears

We feel the same shivers, shed the same tears

The world is full of things that leave us paralyzed

We’re the same, you and I


Your pain is my pain

We give and give and give to no avail

Little by little, we let ourselves die

We’re the same, you and I


Your broken is my same kind of broken

We try to fit in and be accepted

But we can’t fit the mould no matter how we try

We’re the same, you and I


But also…


My courage is your courage

We dig deep no matter the circumstances


My strength is your strength

We fight for those we love ’til the end


My faith is your faith

We know deep down we’re meant for greatness


So, there’s no room for worry; we’ll be alright

‘Cause we’re the same you and I

Ayaw Tumaya

Gustung-gusto mo manalo

Ipinagdarasal mo pa

Walang tigil sa pagsamo

Ayaw mo naman tumaya


Nais mong makarating ng malayo

Lahat ay pinaghandaan mo na

Nariyan na ang eroplano

Ngunit natatakot kang bumagsak


Ang taas ng iyong mga pangarap

Ang mga plano’y nakalatag na

Ang paghakbang na lang ang kulang

Ngunit ayaw mong magmukhang tanga


Ang nais mo lang naman ay sumaya

Kung paano, alam na alam mo na

Ngunit ‘pag paninindigan mo na ang kailangan

Ikaw ay napaparalisa

I am Magic

I am a Slytherin
I know I could be great someday
I’m willing to do everything
So things would go my way

I am a Ravenclaw
Smart beyond my years
I always seem to find the flaw
And figure things out with ease

I am a Hufflepuff
Never mistake my kindness for passivity
I can be a beast, I can be tough
If you cross my friends and family

I am a Gryffindor
I fight demons everyday
It’s not that I don’t get scared
I just choose to keep the fear at bay

I am all these
But I’m also so much more
I couldn’t be defined by just one thing
I am magic afterall

Keep This In Your Heart

When the world sees but never believes
When the world takes but never gives
When all it sees is black, white and gray
Even when a full spectrum’s on display

When the world’s so quick to judge but so slow to understand
When the world gives out opinions but never takes a stand
When the world just talks but never listens
When it sees the clouds but never the sun behind them

When the world always plans out an escape
When it is so quick to run every chance it gets
When the world continues to sin but never forgives
When it has become even less accepting

Stay true; be yourself
Continue to love without regret
Put on your best smile; laugh your heart out
Hug without ever holding back

Hold on to hope; keep the child-like faith
Plant the seeds of kindness everywhere
Know this and keep this in your heart:
You are exactly what will give this world a new start

You’ve Just Forgotten

The grass isn’t any less green
The sky isn’t any less blue
The sun is brighter than it has ever been
You’ve just forgotten how to stop and look

The flowers aren’t any less fragrant
There’s nothing wrong with the wind
Now, you just have to understand that
You’ve forgotten how to take it all in

The waves never stopped rolling
The whispers never ceased
There really isn’t much silence
You’ve just forgotten how to be all ears

The chocolate has never been sweeter
You can experience every flavor anew
And nothing’s ever really hard to swallow
You’ve just forgotten how to chew

The warmth, the grace, the miracles
Have always just been lurking
Nothing’s as constantly present
Really, you’ve just forgotten how to feel

Everything Happens for a Reason


Took a wrong turn
Got lost as lost can be
Nowhere to go
No one you know
Stopped and got to thinking

Looked back
Looked within
Found yourself
Found who you were meant to be

Poured out your heart and soul
Got hurt as hurt can be
Broken to the core
Feeling like you’ve lost it all
Stopped and picked up the broken pieces

Put it back together
Felt like something’s new
Found love
Found a stronger, braver, more carefree you

Made a wrong move
Felt ashamed as ashamed can be
Questioned everything you ever knew
Worried you couldn’t stay true
Stopped and tried to find the calm within

Retraced the steps
Went back to your roots
Found your Center
Found a you that knows better

Gave everything you had
Felt exhausted as exhausted can be
Spread yourself too thin
Just had no more to give
Stopped and tried to refill

Took care of what’s important
Chose to love yourself more
Found renewed strength
Found a you that could give even more

Every seemingly wrong turn
Every seemingly poor decision
Lead you to this moment
Lead you to where you’re meant to be
Have more belief and less of the doubting

Welcome that lesson
Believe in yourself more
Look to Him relentlessly
Believe everything happens for a reason

Let Me Be

Let me find rainbows, pots of gold, four-leaf clovers, and golden snitches.
Let me fight giants, dementors, evil witches and ogres.
Let me be taken to far away kingdoms, secret gardens, Neverland, and castles.
Let me have my chocolate waterfalls, cotton candy clouds, ice cream mountains, and jelly houses.

Let me believe in forevers, happily ever afters, in one true love, and prince charmings.
Let me hold on to miracles, magic, to potions, and true love’s kiss.
Let me long to see unicorns, hippogriffs, mermaids, and fairies.
Let me live in complete surrender, childlike wonder, in awe and pure bliss.

By the Water Tower I Waited


By the water tower I waited
I was filled with so much glee
The explosion of colors: red, pink, purple, and orange
What a precious sight to see

By the water tower I waited
I reveled in all that I saw
The beauty in all of creation
Left me in almost breathless awe

By the water tower I waited
All magical moments life has brought
I reminisced and recalled
I had been blessed with greater things than those I have sought

By the water tower I waited
I let my imagination run wild and free
All the crazy big dreams that filled my mind
Will eventually become reality

The best part of these moments
Was that I imagined you by my side
So, by the water tower I waited
With the longing I could no longer hide