Everything Happens for a Reason


Took a wrong turn
Got lost as lost can be
Nowhere to go
No one you know
Stopped and got to thinking

Looked back
Looked within
Found yourself
Found who you were meant to be

Poured out your heart and soul
Got hurt as hurt can be
Broken to the core
Feeling like you’ve lost it all
Stopped and picked up the broken pieces

Put it back together
Felt like something’s new
Found love
Found a stronger, braver, more carefree you

Made a wrong move
Felt ashamed as ashamed can be
Questioned everything you ever knew
Worried you couldn’t stay true
Stopped and tried to find the calm within

Retraced the steps
Went back to your roots
Found your Center
Found a you that knows better

Gave everything you had
Felt exhausted as exhausted can be
Spread yourself too thin
Just had no more to give
Stopped and tried to refill

Took care of what’s important
Chose to love yourself more
Found renewed strength
Found a you that could give even more

Every seemingly wrong turn
Every seemingly poor decision
Lead you to this moment
Lead you to where you’re meant to be
Have more belief and less of the doubting

Welcome that lesson
Believe in yourself more
Look to Him relentlessly
Believe everything happens for a reason

Choose to Understand Instead

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Judging people is really easy. Some do it all the time without realizing they are doing it. Some even do it in their sleep. We cannot really blame anyone, can we? We live in a society where it is as common as the pollution around us. We know it’s there; We take it in; And sometimes, we even cause it.

You see that womanizer you know and immediately roll your eyes. You feel the hate. You feel for every woman who has fallen for and has been deceived by one. Doesn’t he have a mom or a sister? How would he feel if what he does happens to his sister? You can’t help but shake your head disapprovingly.

You overhear your annoying coworker shouting while on the phone and you think, “Oh, there he goes again!” Why is he rude all of the time? Why does he think he’s better than everybody? Hasn’t he been taught good manners? You can’t help but think that there is no hope for this guy.

Passing on judgment is our default reaction to behaviors that we believe are socially unacceptable. We can never really understand “those people.” Well, we never will unless we try to. Let us ask ourselves what would have made us act the same way. Let us try to put ourselves in their shoes.

Maybe, just maybe, that womanizer has never felt the love of a mother. His mom walked out on him when he was still young. Now, trying to get the attention and love of as many women as he can is his way of filling the void his mother left.

Maybe that annoying coworker has been bullied in school. He was called by so many foul names, he lost count of all of them. He was told that he could not amount to anything. Now, his arrogance is his shield. It is his way of ensuring that no one would consider him weak. It is his way of saying that he did amount to something great.

Maybe this act of trying to envision ourselves as inside the person’s shoes can help us show more love and compassion. We are blessed to not have experienced situations that would have brought out the worst in us. Or maybe we have, but because of the love of the people around us, we have chosen another path. Judging may be the easier route but there is a more rewarding path. Choose to understand instead.

* This is in response to Blogging University’s Writing 101, Day 7: Hook ’em with a quote