Listen Closely


Feelin’ so blue
Just didn’t have a clue
Then He said, “Yes, you do.
You just don’t have trust in you.”

Hounded by the sounds
The voices were just too loud
Then He said, “Keep calm, My child.
Focus on My voice; it’s the loudest one you’ll find.”

Kept breaking into pieces
Hanging by a very thin thread
Then He said, “Let Me help.
Let My love put you back together again.”

Looking for a way out
Run, hide, keep away from the crowd
Then He said, “Stay, be strong.
You’ll find that you were meant to win this battle all along.”

“What’s wrong? What’s with all the worry?
In this life, you don’t need to hurry.
In time, everything will turn out fine.
Come here, I’ll hug ’til everything feels alright.”